Just A Smile

Have you ever noticed how much a simple smile affects people?Try it sometime….while you’re driving. Maybe someone is sitting at the bus station. Glance at them. Give them a warm smile. Then glance in your mirror. Bet they’re looking at you.

People like to be noticed.

It’s not hard to pass around cheer. When someone opens the door for you, genuinely look at them and mean it when you smile and say surprisedly with pleasure, “Thank you!” You might make their day.

A smile means a lot. And it is so easy to do.

Find ways to put one on your face. Mine? Music. It makes me high. Surround yourself with people you like. Bring a flower to someone at work, or treats or something. Do something simple for someone. Doing things for people often puts a smile on your face.

Forgive someone.

Do a chore for someone. Something they hate, but you don’t mind.

There are lots of ways to put a smile on your face.

Now share it with someone else…and pass it on! )