An “Investment” ;)

The other day I was telling my mother that I had come to the conclusion that I needed to buy a bracelet.

This came to me because I realized there are so many times I am flailing, drowning, in a sea of despair, and I forget that I have Help. This is one of the many challenges of living on Earth, our perceived separation from the Infinite One. I decided that if I were to buy a special bracelet that I could see at all times, I would not forget, and it would be a special blessing. Necklaces are nice, but you can’t always see them. Especially as a driver, my wrist is always in my line of sight!

I was a little down and feeling guilty because I missed a day of pay today to take care of a financial responsibility. I stood in front of the door at 10:48 am and stared at the closed sign. “Will return 11:00” it said. I was flummoxed. Oh, well, I can wait 10 minutes. I glanced next door at the Hallmark store.

“Going Out of Business” and “75% off everything” the signs said. I smiled with glee and went inside.

I looked around for a long time for a gift for my mother or father but saw nothing special. I was about to leave and saw the charms behind the desk.

I asked the clerk about the ones that seemed like silver squares stuck together. There were long bands, too, longer than bracelets. I asked, puzzled, if these were chokers? No, she explained, they were just long bands of separate-able pieces from which you could create your own bracelet!

She went on to explain they had 14 k gold on them, and retailed between 18 and 36 dollars a piece. She would sell them to me for one dollar a piece.

I carefully looked through them. I didn’t want her spending an hour trying to find the words and then find that there was one letter missing that we required. Finally I called her over. I told her it was okay if the letters were different colors, but instead she painstakingly made sure every word looked good.

I now have a bracelet on my wrist. It says, “God Loves You”, has 3 doves, 3 peace symbols, a house (church?), a shooting star, and a WWJD?

She rang it up. It was a $360 value, for $20. I thought I would cry.

This was something even my curmudgeonly father could appreciate! He inspected it with a gleam of appreciation in his eye.

Truly, a wonderful investment.

The Investment



  1. kathleen:
    very cool bracelet. i never thought about how i can’t see my necklaces. well, if they’re short i can’t see them.
    that is one of the things i appreciate about you. you have faith without being stale or even predictable!!

  2. ohai, kafleen,
    great storee, hunee! fanks fur sharing.

  3. i aer Mary O aka sweepea- justin case you dint know awreddy
    (ps: wunder if you can take my last naem off dese postees? fanks)

  4. I like this idea of a special bracelet. I have a fish lazer engraved on a casual wristband I wear 90% of the time. It is a subtle reminder to me and nobody notices it. Now what I want from you is a picture of your bracelet. Maybee I could make one of my own if i had an inspiration. Please, pretty please?

  5. I’ll work on that, jehkeykat! Thanks for posting!

  6. OKeeDokee! I have the pic…now to go about the posting attempt…

  7. Great picture! I thought you were talking about the Italien link braclets, and you were. I have one I wear next to my watch to keep it from creeping up my arm, and I had one of the links engraved with a fish. Lots of peeps think it is a reference to my zodiac sign but no, it is a reminder to me to stop and think of God. GMTA, eh?

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