The ICHC Miracle

A poster sits before the screen

His hunger deep, his count’nance mean

His soul craves what his tongue can’t ask

So fragile it must wear a mask.

Be careful what you say to him

Our new admirer

Our new cheezfrend

He sees the fun but feels alone

Greet him warmly to our home

Oh, cheezfrend, feed that hungry soul!

Bestow 5 burgers!

Fill that hole!

Encourage our friend to play and prance

When he is first, let’s throw a dance!

The world is full of rude and cold

It’s harsh out there!

We must be bold!

And reach out with a loving plate

Of human kindness…it’s ne’er too late.



  1. Hi!!!!!!!! Taht iz so beyootimus!!!

  2. A most wondrous and inciteful poem, dear donkee foots…

  3. Thank you for the cockle-warming comments, my friends… 🙂

  4. Oh, sweetie…that is beautiful! I am so proud of you….your truly have the heart of a poet!

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