The Bracelet, Part II!

Since I have rededicated my interests to that of the spiritual realm as opposed to the earthly aggravations I tend to pointlessly dwell on, I have noticed many fabulous changes.

One of those is that regarding my tendency to analyze and discriminate. (No, not THAT kind of discrimination, silly!) This quality has both its good and bad points, but I have found that I have a shameful tendency to dwell on what I consider others’ flaws.

This could be as foolish as a model’s unusual facial features, (“Oh, look at that model’s skinny legs,” brayed the jackass while snarfing a whole bag of Cheetos…..) to other drivers’ bad behavior, to imagined slights and mild rudenesses. I fight it all the time. I am constantly reminding myself of the hypocrisy and ugliness of it.

But recently, since my update to Spirit version 2008, I have found my road rage has greatly diminished. I am focusing now on the beauties of nature, and the various gifts bestowed on us. My heart is amazed and grateful. However, today, I found myself easing through an intersection and suspiciously looking back at a car that appeared to be about to turn without a turn signal. This usually highly irks me because I so fear a collision, being a courier.

Then, the second I did it, the correctional thought occurred, and I looked down at my God Loves You bracelet. I took it and pulled it out and went, “SNAP!” Ha ha! Aversion Therapy! I thought, from now on, every time I have judgmental, rude, or hateful thought, I will go snap! with my little attitude adjuster!

What a time waster…hating on innocent people that forgot to switch their blinker, or stop all the way…what a damn shame to spend my energy thinking of that…and when I did, I ALMOST missed a most glorious, breathtaking bit of nature!! (hmmmm….does this get you thinking, or what? Ponder this a moment, my friends…)

My own little rubber band. What’s YOUR little rubber band?


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  1. Yay!! Someone else who believes in the rubber band! I am happily married, and there is a man I loved very much. I still think of him every day. He is a destructive influence and having him back in my life would be bad. If I think about calling him, I give myself a mental slap. I snap the mental rubber band. And I don’t call.

    Also if I want to skip going to the gym for no good reason.

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