The Magical Blessing of a Grateful Heart

I have experienced a most wonderful thing in the last few days. Life handed me some rotten eggs, but something incredible also unfolded….

One of my favorite childhood books is The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom, about her experiences during WWII and in a concentration camp. This book touched something deep inside me, and as did particularly the following incident. Her sister, Betsy, was overflowing with positive energy and faith, and brought it right into that wicked place. Betsy told Corrie they were to thank God for ALL things. Corrie snarkily brought up the issue of the fleas in their living quarters and asked if they should thank Him for them, too.  My heart ached for her.  Betsy said YES! We will thank God for the fleas!

And that is exactly what they did. They joined hands and thanked God for those fleas!

Now, they had many miracles there, if I remember correctly, but my favorite was the fact that they had their contraband Bible hidden in that building, and that was their life boat. It brought them hope and courage. It was never seized. How could such a thing happen?


The guards/matrons/whatever you call those people would not go in there.

I was raised familiar with grace at the dinner table on special occasions, like Thanksgiving. I remember when staying with my aunt Judy my chubby little cousin Karlton, a gourmand like myself, would nightly say quickly, “God is great, God is good, hope ‘im bwess us for our food!” and then would attack it.

He, like I, knew the motion, but the spirit of the thing eluded us.

The other day it hit me like a tidal wave, and I am not sure why or how exactly in detail it happened.  I just recall a mental image of myself, looking down upon a beautiful plate of exciting food, with my usual glee and appreciation (toward my mother or the cook, of course) and suddenly thinking, or saying, (much like the adorable kitty in the ICHC site with its paws clasped,-not the famous one- asking for a cheeseburger, and I believe it was Duffy that said, “Oh, I CAN has cheeseburger!??? Oh, thank you!  It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!” and I was kind of overcome at that, and a little teary…) “Oh, God, it’s beautiful! Thank you! “and feeling this rush of appreciation for the gift, and the beauty of it, and its contribution/sacrifice to my life and health, and it all came pouring onto me at once and I understood, truly, for the first time in my life, the true blessing of a grateful heart to God! It seems so simple and trite, yet FEELS so magical and beautiful! I still appreciate and love my mother and the restaurant or whoever prepares it, but this magical new feeling was such a blessing!

Since then, I have been saying grace at every meal I partake in! In addition to sitting for a moment, at home, at the restaurant, or where ever I am, and looking at its beauty for a moment and savoring it, and thanking God for it, I then ask God to bless the food and to make my body only receive GOOD from it, and to be blessed by it, and not to receive any harm or ill effects from it.

You see, I have IBS. I won’t go into details, but for the unknowing, it makes the later food digestion experiences painful and unpleasant. It was a constant experience, everytime I ate, and every morning. Particularly when eating out or a lot of food.

Since I have begun my wonderful ritual, I have not had an episode. Boy, have I been taking advantage of THAT!

I don’t care what your faith is, or if you are an atheist, or whether you simply believe in the power of positive thinking/positive energy. Everyone is where they should be in their path.  I truly believe it is MY job to share this with you….and maybe, if YOU give this kind of positive thought to your gifts, perhaps miracles will happen for you, too.