Laboring With Love

I was listening to NPR and they asked some people, “What makes for a good work ethic?” and I listened to the answers. There were some good answers. One lady said, “You either have it or you don’t.” I used to believe that, too.

The late Linda Goodman spoke of “laboring with love.”

To me, laboring with love is about finding what you do best, and love to do, and when you do, you will achieve happiness. You will experience what is called “flow,” that state that occurs when time is passing unnoticed, and you are in a kind of dreamy state-you are just cooking with gas!

When you labor with love you don’t have to be told to get out of bed-you WANT to go to work. You don’t have to be nagged or pressured. You don’t get a “turtle headache” on Saturdays because you are wallowing the bed. You are up, doing what you love!

This is what *I* love-writing. I don’t receive any money for it, so to contribute to the household I am a courier.

I love my courier job- I am in the car thinking all day of WRITING ideas, fantasies, conversations, good deeds, singing songs, etc.-all fodder for my writing. I take notes as things come to me. When I can afford it, I plan to look for a voice activated tape recorder and use that instead.

The sheer ecstasy this frame of mind puts me in is beginning to overflow into my driving job now. I am beginning to see it in other peoples’ reactions to me. It improves my mood and has changed the way I relate, and therefore the feedback I get. The things I write on ICHC site have blessed me exceedingly, too-I have received such wonderful letters and responses from the most loving and supportive people. Laboring with love has ENVELOPED me with love, and daily I ask my Maker to help me radiate that love out and touch others, and repel negativity.

I think I can pinpoint a major turning point of this transformation to around Valentine’s Day: I had found the most incredibly ethereally beautiful interactive Valentine’d Day card and sent it to my loved ones. The letter I received from my mother had “markers!” *smile* It was so loving, so kind and gentle, that tears came to my eyes. She had always been this way, but this was the penultimate, what she said to me about my soul.

She told me to pray and God’s will would be revealed to me.

Now, I share this with you. If you are not laboring with love, whether you meditate, or have a “higher power” or God or positive thinking or however you work these things, I recommend that you ask that your talents and your purpose be revealed to you.

You may have to do this repeatedly-things don’t always come at the doorstep when we hang up the phone.

My heart aches for all the people on earth who labor with no satisfaction, or perhaps have no job at all-who suffer and strive and plod.

I think of those who hate their job, their co-workers, their daily drudge, and let its negative feedback continue to define their worth. Day after day they drag out of bed and go to jobs they hate and their spirit suffers.

I ask for my reader that they be bestowed the blessing of the laboring with love, too. May all your dreams come true, my friend, and may you find your true purpose.