The Healing of an Alcoholic

The Donkey has a secret.

She is was an alcoholic.

Now, I may lose a few friends with this post. Not because I believe that any of you would judge me for being an alcoholic, but rather because you may think I have finally gone overboard and am a chronic liar, an insane attention whore, a delusional freak, or all three.

Some of you know. (I never told you but I figured you had enough sense to realize it.) Others, reading what I post, and seeing the type of personality I have, have probably guessed.

The story of the IBS healing was pretty amazing. I am still living that miracle. But this may be a little too far fetched for some of you to believe. If you do not, I understand. But it needs telling.

I have exhibited red flags in the drinking area since I was a teenager. It just got worse over the years. The last couple years it has blown up.

I have been drinking at least 1 pint of Vodka every single night when I come home from work. Once in a while, more.

My mother and son have suffered tremendously.

My father is also an alcoholic. That is why I haven’t been kicked out of the house. What can he say? He has criticized me for everything under the sun over the years, but cannot bear to bring up this issue.

When my spiritual blossoming occurred as of late, I knew a day of reckoning would come. I have terrific power issues regarding what I consume, because I have a hungry hole the size of the Grand Canyon. It is rapidly closing.

I finally came to a decision. I was NOT going to stop. I was NOT going to AA. I was fulling admitting of my alcoholism, and chose to continue it. I dug in my jackass heels and told God, “Make me.” God said, “Fine. You can’t deal with. I’ll take care of it.” I said, “Goody!” and assily poured another drink.

(Uh, uh!! C’mon fat hippo! Ding! Noah!! Wuttt??? Those are both female! “You change one of ’em!!)

I didn’t think God did that. Apparently he does, for stubborn jackass donkeys who won’t even try.

I drank my pint. Not much affect…huh.

So, I went out and bought some more. Then I stayed up UNTIL 3 AM DRINKING NON STOP UNTIL I KNEW IF I DIDN’T GO TO BED I’D MISS WORK. I was so wired and sober feeling and full of creative energy.

I went to bed, wondering why the hell I didn’t feel drunk.

The next day the desire was gone…I thought, huh. How odd, and poured a drink in the afternoon. Nothing. Continued to drink for the rest of the night. Nothing. I have never felt so sober in my life. Finally it got through my skull: He changed your metabolic process when he took away the IBS (I could feel it happening inside.) And now it is running through your system like water. I lay the bottle aside and didn’t take another drink. Why bother?

I called mom while out on the road the next day and told her I had been healed. The hungry hole is slowly closing, being filled by God and my friends and ICHC. She almost cried. Her voice sounded real soft and funny. I asked her to do me a favor and go through my room and throw all the bottles away, as a favor. She did. 🙂

Now I am typing and enjoying the smell of sausage she is cooking for the spaghetti, and enjoying a cup of decaf coffee with Pralines and Cream Coffee Mate Creamer, which never tasted so delicious. I don’t even miss that stinky ol cheap vodka.

Praise the Lord!

I used to hate that expression. Made me think of old annoying preachers giving you the hairy eyeball and judging you. Now I say it more and more.

And now I will go catch up on some letter writing to some friends who deserve my attention.

Life just gets more and more amazing.

I think I have lots of work to do, and I need to be sober.

I love you guys.

PS….yah, I’ll continue to dants for the furstees while you have ur martoonies! 🙂 I’ll just be havin some new creative healthier choices than I used to! 😆

PSS .,..maybe weight loss will come next? ….I’ll keep you posted!




  1. Yay! I hope you continue to be blessed, (I have no doubts, having experienced your personality, and all the doubts in the world being an atheist, so maybe they will cancel each other out and you will experience a sweet equilibrium…)

    I love you too!!!

    Life really is amazing. I will write you soon about my fascinating Victorian birth control project, but this is the last month of the semester, and I shouldn’t even be doing this…

    I sent you an e-mail on your kafleenthedonkey account. It’s a lol I made specially for you. You must let me know if you like it?


    Kafleen says: Does this Victorian birth control project involve holding an aspirin between your knees?

    Now how could I have not liked that lol picture? Your sweet, happy smiling face, personalized with words just for me. Who wouldn’t be delighted? Thank you, my friend.

  2. {{{{{{Kafleen}}}}}}
    Courage and Faith have helped you.You are a very strong person and have coped with many things going wrong or bad ,in your life.
    You are doing what many others have not yet found the courage to do-Being true to yourself.
    I have some one very dear to me who is in the grip of alcohol,but does not yet feel able to take control of it.I hope and pray that she will,one day,be able to take the step she needs to break free.She knows I will do all I can to help and support her,but for now,she needs to accept that this will not go away without some measure of acceptance on her part.
    Your words encourage me,and I believe they will help her.
    Thankyou Kafleen.

  3. Glad to hear it.

    No matter how it happened or why, it happened.

    Now the question is…

    What else can you do?

    Kafleen says, “Ooh, you’re good….”

  4. {{{Kafleen}}} you know you are loved! If there is ever anything you need that I posess with which to help you continue healing, I will glady offer it up for you. Many prayers, loving thots, and a great, big, fat shmoo!! Rock on, little donkey!!! (ps, I never did like martoonees…so I will be sippin whatevur you are havin at ICHC!)

  5. {{{{{Kafleen}}}}}

  6. One of my hot buttons is alchoholism, so this post struck deep. For you Kafleen I am sending rays of green healing energy, to help you. And I have been praying for you. Listen with all your heart and God will speak to you, to help and comfort you. God bless.

  7. I have been through the same thing however I am not as fortunate as you to be cured. I still drink, I’m still not affected by it. However since I started looking on ICHC and IHAH (I’m a goggie person too) I have noticed my drinking has been cutting down. This puts the idea in my head that anything, no matter how small it may be in the great scheme of things can help you with any problem.

    The guys at ICHC have the uncanny ability to make everyone feel good about themselves and despite any issues you may have, you will never be judged on them, you will never be out of their thoughts and you well never be out of place. It begs the question that in todays society why can’t all people be like this, why do certain things prevent the unity that can be created and felt by such a simple thing like a website, from spreading throughout the world?

    Bah, I’m getting philosophical (which is hard for me ‘cus I’m young and have no idea of philosophy). As I was saying, the Cheezfrenz have helped me cut down by always being able to make me smile no matter what. I suffer from depression and anxiety so I have periods when I am just down for no real reason, but just a look on ICHC can put a grin on my face and will make me think of the good things in my life straight away. Aswell as that its given me a strange compulsion to take pictures of my puppy and caption them …. but thats another story I guess.

    Anyway, I’m so happy to hear you’re better, and even though I’m pretty new to the whole cheezfrenz world, I’ve seen your posts and they are always brilliant. Even from those and reading some of your blogs, I can tell that you are a beautiful personality and you deserve the best out of your life. I send all the love possible your way and I wish you the best with all your endeavors (and future ICHC posts!)

    And on that note …. Have a puppy =)

  8. ah poop, html didn’t work … go here, tilt your head and go awwwwww …

  9. Kafleen-
    I won’t bother wishing you a nice day….obviously are beating me to it!
    Problem: Cannot see all of your e-mail address. Have a short couple of things to say, kinda quiet-like. Nothing bad, just…quiet. And perhaps important/profound.
    Perhaps you can read mine in this box under my (pseudo)-name? If you get a chance, send me a short note and I can reply thereby.
    You are getting there, girl! You are on your way.

    Kathleen responds: my email is I will send you an email. Thank you for visiting!

  10. My dear Kafleen, I am so happy to read this. You know I wish you all good things — God knows you deserve them. You are a strong and courageous person.


  11. 😯 ai nebber wudda guessed!
    OK, maybe not the best way to start a comment. I was just suprised, that’s all. I’m glad to hear that God has healed you. Please continue to trust Him for all your needs and problems. 🙂
    no 1 in particular

  12. Congratulations on your healing, Kafleen!

  13. Yyyaa for yu kafleen – ai hab alwais lubbed yur kommints on ICHC az teh donkee {{{{{kafleenteh donkee}}}}}

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