Ripples Addendum: “You Make A Difference”

My mother made me watch this today. Please watch it to the end. It is powerful.


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  1. Thank you. You get one too.

    I love you.

    The main themes in this movie clip, these are why I try so hard to be a good person and thank people for everything, even the little things. Especially the little things. And I store up any nice things people say to me, so if I ever get to feeling bad, I can take out those words and look at them, and not be sad anymore.


    Kathleen says, ” Oh, Whiskers, you have touched me so much with the way you have reached out to me. That picture you “made for me” is burned in my mind’s eye and I see that sweet little smile with the tiny gleam in it. We have such powerful storehouses for memories and I wish that all people realized just how creative they can get with it. That opposite-side-of-the-same-coin Hannibal Lecter talks of his “rooms” in his castle of his mind and there is music and memories and people and furniture and colors and oh, so much. Some rooms were verboten. 😦 I have this, too. Everyone can. You can compartmentalize your mind into the most beautiful places. I even have a “room” I used to go to
    when I was in pain. I haven’t needed it for a while now, but it will always be there. It was a comfort to me!

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