Ask and you shall receive….

I saw this a couple days ago and my heart just melted.

I immediately thought of my good ICHC friend Carol (idansdansdans) who is just going through medical hell every single day, and yet somehow, everyday, manages to send me scads of funny and inspiring and wonderful emails. We just kind of “feed” each other. What an appropriate picture. I just could not stop staring at it with the most tender feeling. So I sent it to her. And of course, she loved it. She’d love a colored paperclip if I made it for her-reminds me of my mom. What a loving heart.

But this morning I was still thinking about it. It wouldn’t leave my mind. It had just sort of wiggled its way into my mind and heart and would not leave. And then I started seeing some interesting things in it.

You know, this picture very much represents how I see our relationship with our Maker. As usual, this explanation will not become immediately obvious, so bear with me, LOL.

Everything belongs to Him. When they sacrificed part of their flock to show their gratitude for his gifts, they knew it belonged to him. (Going off on a tangent-this reminds me of the story of Cain and Abel’s gifts to God. I used to feel sorry for Cain and his rejected offer. I now I see it a little differently, I think. His heart was not only not in the giving, but he resented giving back WHAT WAS NEVER HIS FROM THE BEGINNING.)

I look at this picture and see this precious, sweet little kitty as us, the human race, and the hand is God’s. The little kitty believes this shiny expensive thingee is a “munnee” and he is going to “buy” his friend whom he loves some sustenance and happy. He is asking for help for his little friend. Oh, little kitty, you do not need a shiny munnee. Your Master will gladly give your friend a cheezburger!!

The more you reflect on this, the more things come to mind…

Of course, we, the watcher, “know” the truth…the hand belongs to the master of the house, and he owns all in it, including this shiny munnee. How endearing is this act…this naive innocent kitty believes he is buying the gift for his friend.

We ask our Maker for many things and sometimes we try to “bargain”, too, as though we have some control or power. He owns all things, and has all the power. We need only ask with a grateful heart.

/ Thank you, “Dee5”, for this wonderful caption.



  1. When i was growing up, every week in church we sang a response after the offering:
    “We give Thee but Thine own,
    Whate’er the gift may be,
    All that we have is Thine, alone—
    A trust, oh Lord, from Thee.”

    Everything—even the breath that we breathe, comes from GOD. No matter what it is—it is from him—the One who brooded over the surface of the waters, and said, “Let there be light.’ More accurately, he said, “Light—BE!!” And light WAS. Light has broken on you, and in the middle of the darkness, light shines. Stand tall, my sister. GOD is able to make you stand. (Romans 14:4) love you—janey

  2. Dearest Kathleen,
    When you sent me this, I cried because it touched me so.. I cry again with the happiness that comes with knowing I have found a true friend. A friendship that means the world to me. There is, indeed, an even further message in this endearing picture, and you have translated it so beautifully. We should all have the love in our hearts that this sweet little kitty has.. Dee5 has truly “paid it forward” with this emotion and thought -provoking lolcat. Then, you came along and “paid it forward” again.. So it continues….

    The world is a better,kinder, happier place with you here… I am grateful to have found you in all its vastness. That, in itself, is a wondrous miracle.

    You have a beautiful, expressive soul, that I hope will someday be shared with the world- as you write your book of musings….

    ILY, Carol

  3. There are not arms long enough to hug you with.

  4. šŸ™‚ This is one of the sweetest, most wonderful blog posts I have ever seen! You seem to have put a lot of thought into it. I very much love this post.

  5. ai can haz teh muney too………………… ohai Kafleen, ai duz nawt noes yer email address rite now sinc yew chainged…….if yew has a want yew can email me at

    ai wanted to tell yew that I will be flying tew Long Beach around the 30th of July and as it gets closer we can maybe figure out a way to visit on mai way thru.

    lurve, jamamakitty

  6. Hay, Kafleen! I ‘spect your heart is too full to write right now–but i look forward to your next post, dear heart. G-D bless you bunches, dear one–love–janey

  7. Hi Kafleen,

    I just found you on QueenMJ’s blog roll. I know this post is from a while back, but I just wanted to say how beautiful this post is and how much it touched me. It’s so true that all blessings come from our maker. And it’s so true that the tenderest and sweetest expression of our everyday gift is when we ask God to help others. Love and blessings!
    Phat Cat (Jeanette)

  8. This is so full of wonderfulness! Kafleen, I just found your blog because of the Cheeztown Cryer. I love what everyone has to say here. It all makes me think so much. Even altosinger in her first comment up above reminded me that we sang the very same words in church, and all morning, since I found this, I’ve been humming those notes that I haven’t heard for years. It all came back to me like that! As a child, I just learned it by rote, but never really thought about the words.

    I so rarely go to church now because of all the attempts to modernize the worship service and I like the old, traditional one I grew up with. I miss those old hymnals. Darn you all to heck you red and green hymnals and whatever has come after that! Back in the rural church where I was baptized in Minnesota, they still use the old hymnals I loved. ~sigh~

    You know, I have a cat named Cookie and she loves to go outside and bring me things. They’re never animals, thank goodness. She finds little scraps of paper, like candy wrappers that someone in the condo complex thoughtlessly threw out. But they’re her treasure, and she brings them to me and proudly calls to me while holding her gift in her mouth. Once she found a large piece of cellophane after one Christmas, purple in color. I walked outdside to see her coming up the walk with it in her mouth, but it was so large, she kept stepping on it. It was so cute, but I didn’t want to laugh because I knew she was trying her best to bring me something very special.

    I have no way of wrapping this all up and bringing this full circle. I’m better at rambling, but there is a point here. I’ll just have to leave it to others to figure it out. Cheers!

    p.s. Kafleen, perhaps someday we can have a Cheez meet-up in Sacramento.

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