Happy Birthday, Romeow

It r Romeow’s Birfday.

*teh donkee is all alone and tinks
she cannutt bee herd*

Is quiet, and

Her is thinkeeng abowt her Romeow.

Shhhh…u kin heer hurr fots if u lissen
wiff ur hart:

“Oh, Romeow
u is a star
u shine so brite, so brite
u is a lite.

And insite.
U sends mee wurds
u fink r nuffin speshull
an i sits an stares at dem
an dey vibrates wiff a magnetism

(sumtimes like wen i reeds mah Good Book
its kind ub like dat)

an u say
oh donkey wut a bootifull thing
an turn it into a lettur
dat i wunt to frame
u mek mee feel 5 an wunt to SING

U fly froo teh sky
wiff no feer
and I
has a hart full ub lub
an eyes full ub teers as I sings

u gibs ME wings!

an, oh! U meks such bootifull fings

i fink i wud find dem at teh fantsy place
or sumplace furr ellebentee thousand dollars
butt dem is priceless.

an Romeow teh cat
Rest him soul
looks down an crais
wiff joy dat hee gotts too bee yur bebbeh

How prowd hee muss bee
Hee shows all him frens
an points wiff floofeh arm
Look, dat MAH hyoomun
an has a prowd
an dey nod sollumlee
wiff big eyes

sumtams i marvels how life can bee so byootifull,
an den u cums along and turns up teh shine.



  1. Kafleen…how lovely! You are a sweet spirit…and you bless our lives just by being in them.

  2. Oh mah gudness!

    Dis iz teh nawt second fing I’ve seen this morning – and wat a humbling way to start mah birfdai! Iz so honnored dat u wud taek teh time to write sumpfing speshul fur me. It warms mah hart, like you juss can’t imagine. Such sweet words cuming frum one dat iz an inspiration to ME. Kafleen, mah Dear Dawn Key Fren (dat has alwais had her own wings), u inspires me to try to lib up to ur words.

    Romeow gibs u a happy eyes blink, and a starfish paw from up above.
    Colleen gibs u a HUGE hug, and wif tears in her eyes, gibs u a shmoo on ur cheek.

    Fank yew fur a mostest beautimous message, Kafleen.
    I lub U!
    {{{{{Kafleen teh Dawn Key wif wings}}}}

  3. Oh, Kafleen, how byootimus is Ur tribyoot to teh wundermus, brite, smart an ebber sew luvley Romeow. It iz writtin wif luv–an Im sure it will will bring az mush joy to her- as she duz to us!! Well dun, donkey gurl!!!

  4. Kafleen, u haz such a biiiiig hart! U writez stuffz that I like tew read. An nao u iz a poet too! Whut a lovely frend u are, to hab such lovely frendz that u have!

  5. Sorry it took so long to read this–i’ve been just looking at the pics on ICHC and not getting to the comments (and that’s the only way i know of to get to your blog! Sorry…i’m a techno-klutz!) This is beautiful! Love you lotses!—janey

  6. Dear Kathleen, I know I’ve said this before to you, but never here. Your tribute to our own and very dear Romeow is so beautiful. HOW I wish I could write like you do. Or even THINK like you do. You have a tremendous gift. I can hardly wait to see what it is that you will write next! I am constantly on the edge of tears these days anyway, and this did indeed give me the “leaky eyes” again – but in a good way.

    It is wonderful to think that a person like you is my friend.
    Much love,
    Janet – of teh 4 kittehs

  7. Dat ar so sweete! 🙂

  8. I has a sad and a happy in teh same tiem. Can dat is posiblul?
    I had a Niky for 13 years and now I only has a big, big sad … But yu rite so pretty and lobely wordz it makes all teh sad turn into good fingz. Into thougts ov mah bebeh goggie swiming in teh blu rivers ov teh skies. And running and jumping in teh white sno ov the clouds. And chasin all teh birdies up there. And wahtchin over her yard (our yard) happily frum abuve.
    Fank yu for these thots.

  9. Oh, donkee gurl, nowe mor dan ebber Ai iz seenin whi wee bee klikee frens. Iz lik anne uv duh green gables, bean kindred spirits. U iz kallin to mennee uv wee wiff such beutifulz rites.

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