It Wouldn’t Be Fair

I was thinking this morning about how people say the Bible has been altered and tweaked and how now there is confusion about meaning and intent.

I wrote this little story this morning with that in mind, thinking about how it is human nature to utilize slippery slopes and lame excuses to our moral detriment.

I am particularly pleased to share this because I feel that it is a valuable, thought-provoking tool for everyone, whether one has a religious faith or not, because it addresses the moral issue of following spirit of the law as opposed to letter of the law.

It Wouldn’t Be Fair!-A Kafleen the Donkey Allegory


said the note on the refrigerator when they returned home from school.
They gathered round it and stared at the obvious handwriting of their
father. They were hungry, foraging for snacks, and that pie beckoned
like a lusciously-dressed siren.

“DOOOO EAT THE BOSTON CREAM PIE,” Evelyn repeated in a
chant-like tone, her nose close to the note, eyes crossed, bugged out, as though scrutinizing closely.

They sniggered wildly.

Obviously, they knew deep down, father had somehow accidentally
omitted the “NOT” in his haste-perhaps to go to the grocery store?-as there was not much in the refrigerator.

The exquisitely made-with-mother-love pie beckoned sweetly.

“Frij,” snickered Adam. “What’s a frij? Makes no sense!”

“Sounds obscene, even,” Another added.

They tittered nervously, staring at the pie. Its chocolaty goodness
seemed almost to vibrate.

“There’s one in the REFRIGERATOR,” one of them said. IT must be a


“Couldn’t hurt to sniff it…”

The BC pie was carried to the counter. Their noses and eyes scrutinized it closely.

Tittering, commenting and questioning snarkily, they circled the pie like hyenas.

“It DOES demand that we eat it!”, the Other said. “And we SHOULD
be obedient children!” (nervous twitters again) “How FAIR would it be if we were punished for following the instructions?” (hands on hips, huge
innocent eyes punctuated this line of logic)

After a period of similar justifications, they soon found themselves picking at the pie.

They weren’t really eating it. Just …testing it. Why, if something brushed against it in the refrigerator, or fell on it, accidentally, the same marks
could have been made.

“Hell,” said one, “might as well have a SLICE now.”

They were almost finished with their innocent law-abiding deed, the pie
plate empty, their stomachs full, when their father suddenly appeared in the kitchen, groceries in hand, the smell of their favorite take-out dinner

food guilty pricking at their full stomachs and empty consciences.

Their smeared, chocolate faces stared in horror, frozen, mid-bite, at his furious, shocked, hurt, and disbelieving face.

Scalding, hot shame now ran through their bodies. Not a single voice
dared look in that face and smartily cry, “But you told us to do it!” Deep
inside their guilt swam boiling through their veins.

There was hell to pay.



  1. “Now, tell me, my little donkey friend.” Could this be true story? I think we have all sorta been there.. done that.. A little stolen pleasure of some sort.. an innocent peek at your Christmas presents hidden in the attic… This tale aims at the heart..punishing us – without punishment. Just our own guilty conscience telling us we should have~could have done better.. Well done~ as usual!

  2. Ohai,kafleen, glad I came over here after seeing about your quest for endorsements for the ichc job.. I think I know you much better from reading your blog here and agree that you could be a good moderator for us. I was suggesting to yesplis that she might have fun in the tshirt design category, maybe even just a project basis. She hasn’t replied on that. She alreay lives in Seattle, I think less than 5 miles from ichc. She has been underemployed lately too. In any case, the best to you. I cant really properly invite you to stay with her if you go up there to interview but maybe if you talk with her she’ll respond??? I think she plans to do the snobal fite Sunday so she’ll be easy to find.. schmooz. m

  3. I am impressed—you have gotten to the heart of the matter, and i hazza prowd ob yoo! As always. I hold you close in my heart, beloved, and pray for the strength you need to get through the current trial.
    All my love —janey

  4. very apt parable–you’re doing it write!

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