The Cusp

I has a new friend!

This is what I wrote to Sunnyhuckle this morning, and I liked it so much I decided to share the thought with y’all.

Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

Your letter reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Here is a link in case you aren’t familiar:

At the bottom, of course, are the basic things all organisms require.

As you go up, things become more complicated. At the top we have things like truth, justice, wisdom, and meaning.

I can’t quite tell if you feel badly about not being back in that time you spoke of, when we were like the Amish, but I do think it is usually a generational thing. I myself was born in 1965; I think that is a cusp of Baby Boomer and Generation X.

I could literally see the difference in high school. My class FELT like a cusp! The class before us and after us were so clearly belonging to those two groups. We felt like the middle.

As such, I admire the former, and analyze it in the manner of the latter (a trait some in the former might refer to as BS, LOL!)

So there is an admiration for the many years’ generations before that worked so hard, and had such wonderful value systems. Some of us cuspies have a combination of lazy and admiration for the older groups’ mores and morals.

But here is the twist: I think church is what caused those people to get their higher needs met, the needs we are today meeting, often, with the results of what some would call efforts of sociologists, psychologists, and pop psychology. If you look at the link, a religious person could agree that all those things can be learned in the spiritual realm, and experienced with the church experience, if it is ideal and properly pursued.

Now, however, we don’t have that general bonding connection. Religion is more looked down upon. Some people are getting their higher needs met anyway; others are suffering a lack of it, causing all manner of problems.

I’m going to stop here and ask, what are your thoughts on the subject?

Now I think I am going to post this letter on my blog. It’s the first time I have completed this thought.

Love, Kathleen



  1. I was talking to my neighbours only yesterday on something like this. The fact that we grew up with morality and behavioral limits set by parents, school and church. It seems to me that Gen Y do not value so many things as generations before and have yet to realise the vacuum is leading to collapse. Can you really respect the privacy of others if you don’t value your own? So what respect at all do they have for society or individuals? Less than their parents and grandparents, I would say. Out of place talk and behavior is everywhere. I’m no longer religious, but I respect the values it gave me when I was a child. I don’t miss the other aspects of it.

  2. When we throw away all the supports that held up the house, it has a nasty tendency to fall down. We are in the middle of that downfall now. I pray for G-D’s mercy, and for revival in this country, but it doesn’t look so well for us. I will continue to pray.

  3. I absolutely agree. I was very fortunate that the psychiatrist I saw for my panic disorder appreciated and encouraged the spiritual aspect of healing, because to me the spiritual aspect is the most important. Although we were different religions (I’m Christian, he’s Jewish) we were able to talk about things in spiritual terms and that was incredibly important to me, I felt that my dr. was willing to allow God to use him as His instrument in my recovery.

    Although maybe I disagree on one small point – I was born in 1962, and feel no connection with the Baby Boomers at all. Much more comfortable as Generation X. I’m a Punk Rawk Gurl at heart 😀

  4. Hmmm–The post boomers are different–my kids are smack in the middle there–gen x and y, and they value privacy more as they age. But they don’t judge people by their skin color, or sexual orientaion. They have a very healthy work ethic; they will not work ’empty hours’ and insist that their jobs be fulfilling on some level. They are personally adventurous, and could care less what the Jones are doing. They use birth control without even thinking about it. It never dawns on the girls that maybe they can’t be lawyers or editors or run a winery. Or stay home with the kids!
    Some of these things are foriegn to me, coming of age in the 70’s. But as they and their friends are all sliding into their thirties, I see good people.
    I think we see a lot of fools–I mean, who else BUT a fool could somebody like Tila Tequila or folks of that ilk be called? But idiots like that were always there–we just didn’t see them in all their extreme tawdry. ( Maybe if we stopped feeding THOSE trolls, they too would go away!) We don’t see the regular kids and young adults–they are too bust living their lives to broadcast it.

  5. I feel there’s a difference between religion and spirituality and the former may include little of the latter, which is my foundation. I tend to think of religion as organized, exclusive, and not as connected to the original source, our creator, god, great spirit, the great mystery, or whatever you want to call that force of loving energy from which we spring and to which we return after our Earth sojourns.

    I find that spirituality definitely supports “loving everyone,” whereas religion directs members of exclusive organizations to “convert” others to their way of thinking, hence perpetuating conflict in a very big way.

    Just a little food for thought….

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