Called the doctor the other day and told him I was too sleepy to drive and do my job. He said I could take half the Abilify. I noticed the difference immediately!

Unfortunately I am still slightly cognitively impaired, but it isn’t too bad. So I finally went back to work today. I notice my mood is also better. I feel calm and not annoyed and brain racing all the time. Tommorrow I go put in an application to be an actual Napa driver…meaning regular hours, insurance, benefits, not having to drive my OWN car, (that’s the big one!) and other things. I think I will be hired. Please send a little prayer/beam for me that things happen for the best…



  1. Great news, Kafleen. Here’s hoping you get the job, but don’t let it set you back if it doesn’t happen, just move on.
    Beemz ===========>>>>>>>> Kafleen !! * You go girl !! 🙂 *

  2. ==========>>Kafleen<<========== Beams to you! Good luck, your mind will only get clearer from here!

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