Stoopy Hot Mask


No more stoopy face mask frum dummy TB test waitings! I been cleared to go to rehab.

Course, there is still teh qkweschun ub why dere bee little tiny spot on mah lung. But my retired xray tech dad says it beez nuffin, an he bee next to teh man upstairs in mah esteem ub him abilitees. So now, I just has to wait 7 weeks for the more complicated TB test. But I duzzunt has a contagious, and prolly no TB. Den, if dat shows nuffin, a stoopy CT scan. All for nuffin, prolly. Sigh. If my dad got in dere and did teh xray, dis nonsense wud be obbur.



  1. Stomp!!! stomp!!! STOMP dat mask!!!!!!

    • *hops up an down wiff a thoosiasm* Dat’s rite! Get it, y’all!

  2. Badbadbad mask! Watta prittee hoofee, yu hazza tatu?;)

    • Oh, you big silly!!! (hoof flop)

      You know I doan has no….

      tatu. 😉

  3. Meegwetch for sharing your life story with me. through knowledge of oneself can we only know what we are about.

    • Boy, am full ub dat. Sometimes I think I should spend less time self-knowledging and more timing doing the dishes. LOL.
      Thank you for visiting me, 5 Eagles. It’s nice to see you. 🙂

  4. * Stompz awn Marx !! 😯 *
    * Piks up tee towlol *
    Wosh owt fur yorself !! 😀
    Kik taht d-man drink adn enni ubber d-menz wile yu iz at it !!
    Ai fink luukin-in iz sumtiems teh gud, butt(!) luukin-owt iz betta !! 🙂

    • *snick*

      You know, you’ve been very supportive. I really appreciate it.


  5. OOOH! Skwashify dat mask! Next u be skwising the bad seff esteems. Den u be takin on teh self imaj creachur from blak lagune. Den u haff to run a small multinashunal corportmarashun. DEN, Da WHIRLD!! Haff de funz adn lern good fings, kay?
    PS My grammacat tested plusitiff for TB her whole life–she didn’t have it tho—
    lubs adn rokkets–


    • *looks quietly thotilly @melia an strokes chin*

      Duz u um, hab dat…Tigger-like hart inside, like I doo? Ur post got mee verreh eggsitafied and peppy…I thot, yeah!! I can do dat! I can do dat! I can has Donkey Enterprises, free halps too everybuddies! In a big semi wiff free goodies an services an stuff inside going down teh highways!! John Coffey will be drivin it an beems bee comin off him and wisping down teh road! Wiff a big donkey painted on teh side anna heart and cheezburger! An I can has donkey island! an I can doo anyfing I wunt!!

      Dat kinda pepp rally I kin use alla time!! Wunna bee mah coach??

      /an ROCKITS!!!
      //I can has sparklers, too?

      • Whoo -hoo! Da BIG TRUCK, filled wif da good beemz and da happitayl. We b teechifying the dansdansdans and de twirol, 2? Ai cannot wate! Donkey Enterprizes! Dat’s de tikket–you be frozed in da de spare mudd? Donket Enterprises can come yoink u oot wifakwickness! Go Kafleen da donkey!
        u can has awl de sparkololers u needz! An den sum–

  6. Maks, ai fawt in ur general direckshun! Naow go awai or ai shall tawnt yoo a sekkund time!
    Godspeed, brabe dawnkey!


      I finkso it be ded now.

  7. NOO, teh maks is not ded until elka zits on it. BOOOOM, take taht maks, leaf Kafleen alone.
    Can i work in DawnkeyInc.? CANICANICANI!!??, i’ll be good an not sit on to menney peoplz.
    Good luck with the next step in your life, i’ll be thinking of you. Elka

    • Oh, my goodness YES YES YES!!!!

      Yoo can has first employment!!

      *runs into other room*

      I did dis once a long time ago, but teh poor girl didn’t understand, I finkso.

      Comes back slowly and importantly with a box.

      Opens box.

      Elka looks inside.

      Sees gold shining and blinks rapidly.

      Donkey pulls out a helmet wiff eers on it.

      Dis bee a gold helmet furr u!! Kneel, plz.

      *Elka kneels*

      Donkey puts helmet on. It magiklolly stays in place and feels light as a magiklol feddur.

      Donkey taps Elka wiff her magical donkey cane on boff shoulders.

      You are now a Donkette!! U wurks for teh Bettermunt ub teh Universe , firstly, and sekundly, wiff teh Dawn Key Enter-prizes!

      When u heers teh bugle, u will noe teh time is right to appear and hoof, or help, and always to love.

      (wisspurrs…sometimes teh bugle call will be metaphorical and oh so quiet..doze gold eers will help you noe teh difference)


      /and u will stands at my side at Donkey Island wiff me and Carol.

      • O.M.C.C., fank you so mutch for the job, i be not zo smart so i will needz trainin to be a good repo, repro, repre, emplo-i. Az a ‘Donkette’ i will haz a lot of repons, repsom, things to do en learn. Wehn doz the trainin startz Dawn Key Enterprizes an wer iz it??
        I haz so mutch exaitiments taht my headz be shakin. The helmet be so beautimuss, i’z not wurff it yet. Butt(!) i will be , ai will work hard for te Bettermint ub teh Univurse i sollimum swear.
        Elka zits doune inna cormer all gloin wiff lurv en eggzaitiment. Fanks agin Dawn Key

      • I SAW IT! ON FLICKRZ! TEH TRUCK IS BOOTIMUZ, it be a green truck right??, wiff ol kind of green petrolz en we canz make wurld tours innit. We bild teh bedrooms enneh baffroom en just go trevvellin ol oveh de wurld, en haz no sadz en bringz happinnez with Donkettes in every cauntry. I haz a dreemz.

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