To Elka, With Love

(readers please see for reference)

Dear Elka,

Now that you are a Donkette, here is your first introductory lesson.

You probably know already that Elka means consecrated to God. Elke,

I understand, means Defender of Mankind.

Your Helmet is honored to be yours! It vibrates with

Joy and excitement! It knows better than you, like

the sorting hat, what potential lies beneath!

So without further ado, 🙂 I enclose the part one of what it means to

be a Donkey or Donkette.

Much Love,
Your Donkey

I. Indoctrination of the Sword for a Donkette and Would Be Donkettes

(See picture below)

Remember, Donkettes!
We must has a dilligunt!!

Always remember dat your “golden helmet is always on!” Ebben wen u r


Always protect and keep a Watchful eye out for teh weaker peepulls

and teh animulls and childrens. Doo not let teh bullies perservere.

They must be taught with compassion, yet zero tolerance.

You will has a “sword”. (Please to be seeing teh picture.) Dis sword

has sum purposes as:

1. Sword of Word:

Be Careful how you wield teh Sword of Word. It can wound

wurrser dan a fatal stab. It can kill friendships and begin wars. It can

destroy moral and love relationships. Misusing teh sword dis way will

plant a seed ub nastiness dat will grow and vibrate hatefully, corrupt

ing yer hart until you are as rotten as an old apple, and then only Fire

and Water can cleanse you. Remember, it isn’t what you take into

your mouth that makes you unclean, it’s what comes out, and after all

is said and done, remember this:

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

A Sword of Word can be trumped by teh Terrible Wicked Nuffingness.

But do not let it!

The Sword of Word was meant for good!

Use your Words for Love and Good. A soft word turneth away wrath.

Love those when they least deserve it, for that is when they most

need it.

When others are cruel, treat them with compassion. A kind word to

one who is hurting and alone is like precious jewels. Find a use for

your sword every day. It is an honor, and should not lay, wasting. If

you neglect it, it may leave you. Every Good Act it performs

strengthens its mettle, stronger and stronger, until it is indomitable!

Use your Sword Wisely.

2. Sword of Defense

Some situations call for immediate defense, and no delay.

When someone is being battered, bullied, treated unfairly, gather all

your strength, and do not fail them.

Take a deep breath. Say a prayer. Imagine your Sword. Imagine the

Angels. The Angels Cheer When You Face Your Fear! They do!

Life is hard down here. They know it. Close your eyes…they are there.

They are backing you…ellebenty³ strong…holding you in the Light…be

pure of heart and intention, and forge forward.

Laughter and mockery can cut and divide. It can wither. A pompous

and angry and/or prideful response will feed it like gasoline on a fire. A

gentle warm smile can turn away mockery and shame the cruel.

Beware, though. Some bullies are not just ignorant, or scared children.

Some are cruel and relentless. They will not stop until you Cut. Them.

Down. It is sad, but you must not tolerate this type, you must not

show an iota of kindness, which they will perceive as weakness and

eat you alive if they can. They require swift justice and action.

Remember your Cheeze Frends. They are hundreds strong, and we are

there behind you…

A man in San Francisco was walking up the street. He looked like a

war victim. I imagined wildly, “He was tortured by the VC.” He was

barely making it up the steep hill. He staggered as though it were his

last step, and his body was riddled and twisted.

A group of boys mocked and ridiculed him. My rage was so strong I did

not defend him. I was frozen, furious and disbelieving.

Many years ago, a nursing home patient was in my trust. My nursing

aide partner was with me that night. We were changing her sheets.

My partner said, “Watch this,” and proceeded to gently smack both

her cheeks with her palms.

The woman ,who could not speak, turned red with fury. I was


I was in shock. I did nothing.

The pain and agony over such acts, or lack thereof, are a million times

more damaging and painful than the consequences of any act of

bravery I can imagine. The former wounds the soul and leaves a

cancerous seed. The latter can only wound the flesh.

You can redeem yourself. Remember to take the opportunities when

they come.

Make it your mantra: I’m facing my fear! I’m facing my fear! and.. The

angels cheer when you face your fear!

My poor boy managed to watch IT when he was six. He was terrified

for years. One night in our basement rooms he told me about his fear

of going up the stairs alone. I shared with him the above. I then

watched a terrified eight year old boy cry out, “I’m facing my fear! I’m

facing my fear!” as he ran alone, unassisted, up those steps, while I

cheered and yelled, “The angels are cheering!”

Wicked acts and doing nothing (Evil will prevail when good men do nothing) will harm your soul with a seed of destruction. Good acts and bravery will strengthen you like diamonds, strength of diamond, softness of a dove.

Once you succeed, it gets easier.

Always remember, our imagination can always trump reality in terms of

perception. Your perception is the most important thing you can

have. Your attitude and how you perceive a situation can make all the

difference in the world.

3. Sword of Love

Love is a choice. You can choose to love everyone. That includes

yourself. You cannot disregard this one person, or you will fail. You

can! To be donkette, you must! It is not only necessary, you must

constantly strive to achieve it. You do not have to like them. You do

not have to

approve of them. But thou mayest…you have the God-given CHOICE

to feel as you wish. You can pull back or you can rush forward,

embracing the challenge, and changing your life.

Step One, you must “clear out the slush fund.” When you harbor

resentment or hate, you allow the perpetrator to be victorious, and

to poison you from the inside out. It will grow like a poisonous seed. It

will fill you with a slush fund that will boil over when innocent people

create innocent trespasses, and you will hate yourself for lashing out

at them. When you do, the act will secrete poison that will feed the

seed .

Kill the seed with your sword of love. It may hurt, but it will be okay.

Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you. The sword of love derives

its power from your maker. It is indominable when used purely for pure

purpose. You must release all old resentments. Your maker can help

you with this. Meditate on this and ask for Help.

Step 2

Stop disrespecting your temple with vain misguided attempts to be

loved. Remember, you must love yourself, too. Your God-given

temple that your soul resides in is not to be used casually and tossed

aside, for thrills. Would you allow an Orgy in your church? How much

do you respect what it represents? Will you not treat it with


Never confuse lust or infatuation for love.

There is love that is a choice.
There is attraction that is chemical.
There is infatuation that is addiction

To marry the right partner, determine your common mores, ideals, and

interests. You should want to be together and enjoy one anothers

company, even if no romantic feelings are involved. Could this person

be your best friend, even if you weren’t attracted? This will need to

carry you through. Looks can fade, or be attacked by fate.

Attraction can fade. Infatuation will surely die. Choose to love

everyone, and choose your special life long partner by commonality.

The special oneness should come from the sacred connection, not as

something to be used casually, like a bag of chips, and left behind.

Infatuation comes from fear and insecurity. It is not love. When you

cannot allow those you love to be free, that is infatuation.

Some of us have spent years yearning for men and things we could

not have. The inability to have them made my fire burn hotter. When

I was able to have them, I was disgusted by them for wanting me and

allowing me to have them in return. I was not loving. I was finding a

thing or person, craving it, disrespectfully using it, and tossing it aside l

ike trash.

If you find you cannot love, only crave, I recommend what I did. Step

aside from sexual relationships.

Choose to love everyone.