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I can be contacted at kafleenthedonkey@gmail.com

I have a little trouble with pictures on here, and because Jimmba inspired me by sharing his Flicker account link of his adorable puppy Phaedra, I was inspired to start working on my own Flicker account.  So you can start viewing some pictures there, too.  That will be a work in progress.

You can view them at


For the pictures that only show up as partials, just click on them.

Mom and I in Germany (approximately 1966?)




“Oscar” our visitor who came and decided to stay a while, after Bootsie disappeared(Click to view whole pic)


Me, 3/23/08

Kathleen 3/24/08germanykat.jpg


  1. Dear Kafleen,

    What a nice place you have here. Thanks for sending me, because I would never have come on my own, because I didn’t know it was here and couldn’t have found it.

    What a nice tribute to your mother. I hope I get to meet her some day. And how beautiful she looks in that cute picture from Germany. You look pretty cute as well!!

    And a very nice picture of you above as well.

    More in an emal!!

    Mucho Smuchos!

  2. Kafleen….what a great blog….Oscar is the spitting image of my late Aramis!
    Your mother sounds like an amazing woman….and you two look very similar, too!
    Have fun! I’ll be back…that’s for sure!

  3. Wow!! I am so impressed, at both your inner (and outer) beauty, and the creativity
    you show in all your writings. It is so wonderful that you and your mother are close. She really has an incredible strength. How lucky you are to have each other.
    Terriffic blog!

  4. Wowzerz!! Wunderbar!! and So Much Awesome!! (Insert Six Burgers Here)
    What a great Mom you have, and her positive energy explains yours, while her sensitivity to others and to spiritual realms has born fruit in your own kindness, persistence and desire to make a difference in others’ lives. This blog is a tough act to follow!

  5. I am just overwhelmed and thrilled with joy at all the wonderful posts I have received. Thank you all so much for not only leaving feedback, but such warm and expressive feedback! It truly makes me feel I am doing something good!

  6. Just read your post on the Kat site about things not going so well lately. I remember quite well all the posts and virtual hugs you and the others gave me when my life was something of a burden last year. For what it’s worth, remember that someone is thinking about you, and WILL pray for you!
    The blessing I invoked (if that’s the word) on you and the others around last Christmas had teeth, and was meant to!
    Jesus loves you, and you are not alone!

  7. I received that blessing…today was blessed beyond compare. What a lovely day! THank you for your love.

  8. Dear Kathleen (also Kafleen from ICHC):

    What a fantastic story about laboring with love. Wow! Keep up the writing!

    And I just want to say – your mom (in the photo) is just beautiful! And you look just like her.

    *shmoos* from Gremlin

    Kathleen says: Gremlin! What a pleasure to have you here! Thank you for stopping by! And look for a new picture on the main page on the blog about her. I’m going to post a lovely picture there as soon as I get it scanned.

  9. Just thinking of you today—and praying for you, too. Menny hugz, hedbonkz an shmoos tew yoo! an GOD bless yoo till yoo’re reddy tew splort! Lawtsa lubbs—-me

  10. ohai Kafleen!
    you have a beautiful site – i has a sad I haven’t visited before. I’m glad you are around!

  11. Hi, Kafleen,

    Beyutiful photos — your mother wuz glamorous! n yu are beyutiful, too.
    Hope eberyting iz going better for you these days.
    Still sending out teh good good good good vibrashuns —
    with head bonks and wisps of sweet alfalfa hay,


  12. Hi, Kafleen! Love you much, your grace under fire is fabulous!


  13. Kafleen, You are beautiful inside and out! And, you are blessed with the gift of storytelling from the heart. You touched my heart and soul and I thankyou for that.
    See you on the Cheez.

  14. You’re so beautiful and pretty, kafleen! I sends you cheezluv! 😀

  15. Hi Kathleen

    I found your blog site thru ICHC. Like you I love kittehs and I love Jesus, so we have much in common. Your writing is beautiful, like your heart..You are a blessing.
    My prayers for you and your family



  16. Kafleen, these photos are beautiful, and so are you. If I could figure out how to invite you to be my Cheezfriend, I’d do it in a second.


  17. Kafleen, I 2 wud liek 2 B ur cheezfren, but ai cawnt figgr owt how to ask…?

  18. Dear Kafleen,
    I first saw your name on a comment on a picture, in which you made an amazing insight on the lords connection to us all and all of our connections to each other. Having seen that i came over here to your page to be even more amazed with you! Your mother seemed to be an amazing woman herself, so i know now where you got your mindset from! I’d love to be a friend of yours on ICHC….yet im a noob to this….how do you invite to be a friend?

  19. Dear Kathleen,
    Thank you for your wonderful writing…you have a gift and you share it so lovingly. I have several things in common with you: writing, care-giving vocation, being a very quiet, serious child, drinking to excess in my family of origin, crazy 1st husband, ect. I didn’t see you until today in the comments section of lolcats and had been looking for you…you see, you were one of the kind people who replied to my first posted comments. I want to “friend” you…but don’t know how. Pls adv OM

  20. you look like a nice deutchlander… the only pix I have of me and my mother are from before we arrived from the eastern parts of Germany in the early 60’s.

  21. Ohai, Kafleen! A very nice blog that you have here. Is there a way I can friend you? I realize that you are a very busy donkee, but I thought I’d ask. {{{Kafleen}}} I have read the Cryer and the archives and am very proud of you from afar. Thanks.

  22. Kafleen,

    Ohai. It’s CK, just checkin’ in and seein’ how you’re doing. I worried about you while you were away. You bring a bright spark to the ICHC forums, not to mention the Tea Room, ready to give a deserving person or thing a good hoofing whenever needed. You’re always good for a laugh, even when I’m having a bad day. Thank you for being my friend, Kathleen,



    a.k.a. collegekitteh

  23. I want a time machine. Your mother was HAWT in 1966.

    • Dad?

      • It’s only yourfriendly legbiter.. I’m not your Daddy. Heh.

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