My beautiful, supportive cheezfrend, Romeow wrote me a wonderful letter yesterday.

(Long overdue note of explanation about this site and its inspired origins: “cheezfrend” is a friend-WHAT a friend!- made on the ICHC site that inspired MY blog…Wordpress has an odd way of having me publish my website title: “Confessions of an ICHC addict” in tiny font to the left of my blog…the address of said site is Obviously, my name there is Kafleen and my avatar is the donkey you see above!)


Anyway, her long, kind, supportive, flattering, and heartwarming post reminded me of something I thought of the other day.

Wouldn’t it be interesting/beautiful/amazing if there were spiritual “Markers” put on certain messages we receive?

Oh, I’ve received a few. Sometimes in the quiet of my mind will come a message. Sometimes that message is BS, or just noise. Sometimes it is worthy of a second thought, or three. And sometimes it comes with such a je ne sais quoi (certain something) that you can NOT ignore it!

We all have phrases we have heard from as far back as we can no longer remember.

My father’s: “LISTEN! Learn to LISTEN! Pay ATTENTION! Foll-ow DIR-EC-SHUNS!”



(Mom says when I was little I would hold up fingers, and ask, inquisitively, “DEES meenee?”)\

Oh, It all just goes over your head.

Until one day. One fated day a certain phrase will come by and go SLAM! and it will hit you like a ton of bricks. Not because of anything happening in your life, but just oddly. It will stick. And you will say, HUH! and reflect on it!

For the first time, it makes sense to you.


I like to think that sometimes messages have a little spiritual “Marker” put on them. Sometimes someone will say something trite to you, that you have maybe heard before. But THIS time is goes deep inside. It flies within you into a special place, and settles there, vibrating magically, fluttering, like a butterfly, constantly reminding you. You cannot forget it. It is simple and you are embarrassed to share it, because your thrill, your emotion at its power, cannot be subdued and you do not understand why it is so powerful!

It is a special blessing, and it shines.

It seems magical…but it is scientific, I think…and we, as mortals, cannot understand that level of science. Our maker puts a ZING on the message and it blesses us, exceedingly.
Isn’t life full of extraordinary blessings?


  1. I think you’re right. I think that some things come along with underlines… some in italics, some with highlighter… my husband came along with a big gigantic neon sign over his head.



  2. Wow Kafleen, i never quite realized that ’till you pointed it out. That was quite and observation and one that hit the mark dead on as far as im concered.

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